Openly Jake is closed for renovation. Eric Hellman 18 Jan 2008 17:30 UTC

I continue to be surprised at the continuing use of "Openly Jake"
considering that it's been over 7 years since the data it delivers has
been maintained.

Over the past month, the system has become increasingly unstable due
in part to *heavy usage*, and on examination, it looks like that we'll
need to do some serious renovation (the usual chain of os/vm/container
updates) and as a result, jake will not be available for at least the
next week. I can't make any promises, but there is a possibility that
we can also enable a switch to an up-to-date knowledgebase.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to
contact me.

Eric Hellman, Director 						OCLC New Jersey							2 Broad St., Suite 208
tel 1-973-509-7800 	 fax 1-734-468-6216       	Bloomfield, NJ 07003