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Creatively recycling bound journals David Brautigam 07 Mar 2008 19:49 UTC

Colleagues -
		May I suggest recycling bound journals this way? If you have a wooden walled structure that needs to be insulated, do this:

		(1)  Remove the covers from the volumes

		(2)  With a nail gun, nail approximately equal sizes of text blocks
			to the outside walls of the structure to be insulated, placing
			them close to each other.

		(3)  Purists will then place tape (drywall or duct) over the joints; quick-and-
			dirty insulators won't

		(4)  Attach an exterior siding of your choice.  There won't be much air
			getting through those walls!

		(5)  If the attic floor is properly braced, place text blocks between the joists
			over a proper vapor barrier.

Whilst this is suggested largely tongue-in-cheek, sometimes I wonder just how effective it might be.
If not for a house, how about for a dog house or shed?


						David Brautigam
						Periodicals/Science Libn.
						Westminster College Library
						New Wilmington,  PA