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Italian Poetry Review Steve Baker 08 Mar 2008 03:28 UTC

In the wake of Yale Italian Poetry, comes the Italian Poetry Review
(IPR), a journal of creativity and criticism that is part of a larger
cultural program located at Columbia University in the City of New
York and associated with the Department of Italian and the Italian
Academy for Advanced Studies in America.

IPR appears in print once a year and, as of volume II 2007, is
published in Florence by the Società Editrice Fiorentina. The journal
integrates a monographic supplement published annually in the
Quaternio imprint and dedicated either to a particular author, to a
specific theme or to the edition of the proceedings of a conference.

IPR publishes texts principally in Italian and English and is the
first journal to be published in Italy but created in the United
States, dedicated to the critical reception and pluri-linguistic
diffusion of Italian poetry in a broad comparative context.

Every issue of IPR, which is interested in all periods of Italian
poetry, is composed of various sections: Poems (original texts,
untranslated, but annotated, by widely recognized Italian poets and by
non-canonical and emerging authors), Translations (from and into
Italian), Between Prose and Poetry (prose poems, intensely written
short stories, one-act plays), Poetology and Criticism (critical
essays on poetry, interviews), Reviews and Books Received. IPR also
publishes from time to time a section of Inquiries, which explores
specific problems of poetry and poetics.

IPR proposes to establish a dialogue between specialist and
non-specialist readers of poetry. Our journal looks at global
Italian-language literature from its origins to the hyper-contemporary
and follows its interaction with other artistic modes of expression
from both in and outside Italy.

Paolo Valesio, Director
"Giuseppe Ungaretti" Professor of Italian Literature Columbia University

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Institutional		50,00 euro		50,00 euro

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Italian Poetry Review
The Italian Academy for Advanced Studies in America
Columbia University
1161 Amsterdam Avenue, MC 1404
New York NY 10027