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Announcement of NASIG Mentoring program Eleanor Cook 18 Mar 2008 17:34 UTC

NASIG is proud to offer once again a mentoring program for first-time
attendees to the 23rd NASIG Conference in Phoenix, Arizona. Please see
the information and forms at the following URL:


The program is offered to all attendees who would like to be mentored OR
who would like to mentor a new-comer to the NASIG Conference.  It is an
easy, wonderful way to meet colleagues, to network and to share your

*/To be a mentee/*, the only requirement is attendance at the NASIG 23nd
Annual Conference in Phoenix, Arizona, June 5-8, 2008.

*/To be a mentor/*, we ask for previous attendance to at least one NASIG
conference, willingness to meet with your mentee at the conference, and
establishing contact with your mentee PRIOR TO the conference.

Mentees and mentors are invited to the First-timers Reception on
Thursday, June 5 from 3:30 to 4:30pm, and should strive to attend the

The deadline for applications will be *MONDAY, MAY 12th.*  After all
applications are received, you will be contacted within a few days with
the name of your partner and general guidelines. This program has been
very successful for several years and we look forward to your
participation this year!

If you have any trouble accessing either the website or forms, please
contact Katy at the e-mail and/or contact information below.

Hope to see you in Phoenix!

Eleanor Cook
_cookei@appstate.edu_ <>
Co-Chair, NASIG Mentoring Program

Katy Ginanni
_Katy.ginanni@trinity.edu_ <>
Co-chair, NASIG Mentoring Program


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