Black Issues Book Review/Target Market News Monica Berger 19 Mar 2008 22:20 UTC

We have been non-service on Black Issues Book Review (BIBR) since Oct.
2006. Efforts to claim this title have been futile. Both Ebsco and I
tried to contact the publisher and its parent organization (Target
Market News) repeatly and get either an answering machine or were told
to email an individual who has never responded.

I cancelled our subscription last month in frustration. I hear from
Ebsco that there are other subscribers who are also non-service: BIBR
is still being published (albeit behind schedule) and some libraries
are getting it. My guess is that the publisher botched their
subscriber database.

Luckily, our subscription is fairly inexpensive and for the amount of
time I've spent pursuing this, I really should cut my loses. However,
since this problem seems to affect some of us, I'm wondering if
there's some kind of collective solution possible to get this company
to behave responsibly.