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Re: Need examples of quirky e-journals Judy Washburn 21 Mar 2008 15:59 UTC

Any Springer title with a title change.  All the
below titles are under one Springer title:  Anatomy and embryology.

0341-2061 Anatomy and embryology
146-211, 1974-2006. Springer
0044-2232 Zeitschrift für Anatomie und
Entwicklungsgeschichte (1934)
103-145, 1934-74. Springer
none Zeitschrift für die gesamte Anatomie. 1.
Abteilung, Zeitschrift für Anatomie und
60-103, 1921-34. Springer
0177-5154 Anatomische Hefte. 1. Abteilung,
Arbeiten aus anatomischen Instituten
1-59, 1892-1921. Springer

Wiley titles were a good example of earlier years
being under a different URL, but they are in the process of changing this now.

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