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Budget Questions T Thompson 13 Mar 2009 16:03 UTC

I am looking at restructuring our budget.  I am hoping to pull from the
wisdom of the list.  How granular is the fund structure in your budget?  Do
you have the serials broken out into each area?  For example, we have an
engineering summary fund with allocation funds of Industrial Eng, Mechanical
Eng, etc.  As you know, the interdisciplinary nature of subscriptions
doesn't always lend itself to this type of fund structure.  Also, do you
have serials separated form other areas of the budget?  I am in particular
interested if you separate print (both journals and monograph serials) and
electronic serials and databases.

Last question, do you know of any literature that address the structure of
the budget?  I have seen many articles dealing with allocation but not

Any input would be appreciated!

Tracey Thompson

Acquisitions Librarian

New Mexico State University Library

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Las Cruces, NM 88003-8006

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