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Re: A - Z lists what is included Laura Vogler (16 Mar 2009 15:19 UTC)

Re: A - Z lists what is included Laura Vogler 16 Mar 2009 15:19 UTC

Yes, including print does increase the number of titles, however, only
if it is a unique title.  If the title is already in the A-to-Z list (no
matter the format), it will not add to the number of unique titles.
Quite a number of our titles have multiple resources attached to the
them.  We are charged for only the one title.  We have made the decision
to not include a couple of EBSCO databases in our A-to-Z list as it
pushes us over the threshold into the next payment level which is quite
a big jump in price (30,000 or more titles).  I do not watch the number
closely as it will not dramatically change unless I add a new resource.

We include our print titles in our A-to-Z list as this is where we
direct our users to go for journal information.  I think of it as a
one-stop shop.  I have each print title link to its corresponding OPAC
record in case a patron wants to see detailed item information (for
example, if a particular volume is bound and on the shelf or if a recent
issue has been received.)

Full-text titles from our databases (JSTOR, Project Muse, EBSCO, etc.)
are not included in our OPAC.


Carly Bachman wrote:
> Wow!  I am fascinated that so many of you are including your print titles.  Doesn't this dramatically increase the number of titles and therefore the cost of the product? Do you have to watch closely to see that you don't go over whatever your title limit is?
> Thanks for the ideas!
> Carly

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