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Call for User Groups and Discussion Groups publicist 17 Mar 2009 16:59 UTC

The NASIG Program Planning Committee (PPC) invites ideas for
topics and for volunteer discussion facilitators for
Informal Discussion Groups and User Groups.

The Program Planning Committee invites suggestions for 1)
topics to be considered by these groups and 2) would like to
hear from any conference attendee who would like to
facilitate an Informal Discussion Group or a User Group. The
facilitator must be registered for the full conference.

Informal Discussion Groups (formerly known as Networking
Nodes) serve to promote discussion among NASIG attendees who
have a shared interest in a topic, idea, workflow, or
problem. The emphasis of these sessions is open discussion
and the generation of new ideas. Informal Discussion Groups
will take place over lunch on Friday, June 5th.

User Group Sessions are dedicated to of a specific product
or service. The purpose of these sessions is to share
product implementation or development experiences and ideas.
User Group attendees will have an opportunity to discuss
topics of common interest in a non-commercial setting. The
User Group meetings will be meeting on Sunday, June 7th at

Please submit your suggestions or volunteer to lead a group
If you have any questions, you can contact the Program
Planning Committee at The deadline for
submissions of topics and volunteers is April 10, 2009.

Marilyn M. Carney
Publicist, NASIG, Inc.