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Re: Subscriptions that include extra titles Mitchell, Meg (19 Mar 2009 19:39 UTC)

Re: Subscriptions that include extra titles Mitchell, Meg 19 Mar 2009 19:39 UTC

Hi Jaime and welcome to the serial world.

How long will you keep these journals? If storage space and costs of
binding mean you don't want to add them to the stacks, then the rest is
probably irrelevant.

Most of these come for a year and then stop. As you found, leaving you
with a record in the catalog and a tiny set on the shelves.

Are they peer-reviewed?
I don't usually catalog trade journals unless they match something the
students need. We have a large education department and the better trade
journals are helpful for lesson plans.

Are they indexed in the databases your students use most?
Are they full-text in your databases? If you wouldn't have ordered the
title and it is available that way, why use your time adding something
you didn't choose.

Are you short on titles and these fill a gap? We prefer electronic. But
if you had huge cuts and the collection is sparse, that might be a
reason to keep them.

Margaret Mitchell
Print Collection Librarian
Logue Library
Chestnut Hill College
Philadelphia, PA USA
215 248-7073

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Hello all,

I'm fairly new as a serials librarian and am still figuring out where
many of our journals came from (previous donations, freebies, etc). I've
noticed that several of our subscriptions used to include other titles
but we're no longer receiving those extras.

In addition, there are several titles that we subscribe to that are
sending another title along with them as part of a package.

Do I add these "freebies" to our catalog? Do I make a space for them on
our display shelf? I'm now having to remove these other titles that have
stopped coming from the display shelf, so I'm wondering what the best
approach to this is.

Thank you,

Jaime Hammond

Jaime Hammond, MLS
Reference/Serials Librarian
Max R. Traurig LRC Library
Naugatuck Valley Community College
750 Chase Parkway
Waterbury, CT 06708-3089
Phone: (203) 575-8199
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