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SERIES-L electronic list Ian Fairclough 24 Mar 2009 13:11 UTC

Dear SERIALST readers,

We are in the process of starting up an electronic list,
SERIES-L, dedicated to concerns about bibliographic control for library
materials issued in series.

Generally speaking, SERIES-L will do for bibliographic
series what the PERSNAME-L list now does for personal names.  Posts to
SERIES-L will address specific concerns and specific situations, and will focus
on resolving problems rather than discussion.  Discussion is encouraged --
but not on SERIES-L! -- rather, elsewhere, in appropriate fora.  SERIES-L
is for the actual work of cataloging materials in series.

You can sign up for SERIES-L at this time.  To do so,
send an e-mail to LISTSERV@PO.MISSOURI.EDU with the text SUBSCRIBE SERIES-L plus your forename and surname.  It's
expected that we'll start posts to the list once enough people are signed up.


SERIES-L co-listowners:  Wayne Sanders, University of Missouri -

Kathleen Schweitzberger, University of Missouri - Kansas City

Fairclough, George Mason University

(to send a message to the SERIES-L
listowners, write to SERIES-L-request@PO.MISSOURI.EDU)