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Re: Question for online subscribers to the Journal of the American Chemical Society Sarah Glasser (04 Mar 2009 14:49 UTC)

Re: Question for online subscribers to the Journal of the American Chemical Society Sarah Glasser 04 Mar 2009 14:49 UTC

I have access, but I entered through our Journal Finder (we use Serials Solutions) page.  Are you entering this way or are you linking from another database (Academic Search Premier, Chemical Abstracts, etc)?  I have found at times that going through Journal Finder, finding journal and then navigating to the particular volume, issue and ultimately the article works, whereby linking from another database via an OpenURL Link Resolver does not.  Could this be the source of the problem?


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>>> Andree Rathemacher <andree@URI.EDU> 3/4/2009 8:19 AM >>>
I'm wondering if anyone on SERIALST who subscribes to ACS journals online
can check this for us at the University of Rhode Island.

We have a patron trying to get this article:

"Alkali Metals Plus Silica Gel: Powerful Reducing Agents and Convenient
Hydrogen Sources." Journal of the American Chemical Society v.127:no.26(July
2005): pp 9338-9339.

The link to the article (direct or DOI) does not appear to work. We are
pretty sure this is a problem with the database and not with connectivity on
our end, as we can access other articles from the same issue fine. We get a
message that says "ERROR: The requested article is not currently available
on this site."

As ACS does not appear interested in working with us on this, I'm hoping if
someone can go in and see if they can access the full text of this article.

Many thanks,
andree rathemacher

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