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Re: Turn-Around Time for Journals Williams, Mary Welch (24 Mar 2009 14:58 UTC)

Re: Turn-Around Time for Journals Williams, Mary Welch 24 Mar 2009 14:58 UTC


Because of workflow here, journals are checked in immediately on arrival
and placed on a cart for circulation.  The evening workers shelve the
journals, so it's several hours between the time that the journals are
received and displayed.

In a former situation, we checked in journals when the student worker
arrived and immediately shelved them.  We attempted to schedule student
workers so as to handle the journals immediately.  If for some reason
the student was absent, my associate or I would check the journals in.
They never sat in the mail room for protracted periods.  So between
check in and display would be a matter or minutes.

That's usually been the case wherever I've worked in serials, but
situations may vary with the availability of help and the work flows of
other departments if you have to coordinate with them.

Are you thinking of batching check-in to save time?


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Hello All,

Our library is taking a look at some of our daily procedures in hopes of
becoming more efficient and a question arose about the turn around time
of processing incoming journals.

I was hoping some of you might share how long it takes from the time
your journals arrive in the mail to when they are placed on the shelves
and ready for patrons to view?  A week, a day, or a few hours?  I'm just
looking for an estimate or average.  Any information would be helpful.

Thanks so much,

Holly Spindler


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