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Re: Turn-Around Time for Journals Jean Hoar (24 Mar 2009 15:19 UTC)

Re: Turn-Around Time for Journals Jean Hoar 24 Mar 2009 15:19 UTC

Hi Holly,

I've been checking in serials for about 14 years.  Our policy has always been to have them checked in the same day they are received.  In the past, when print was the bulk of our serials collection, I usually had about 4 hours between receiving the journals and leaving for the day.  On the heavy days, I could open, check-in, and add security strips to about a hundred.  If I couldn't finish what was received that day, I would check-in the rest the next morning.  With a student opening and adding strips I could do a few more.  Identity stamps are added by students in circ, and they put the journals on the "recently received" shelves.  Now what used to be average is rare and very large, and there is no problem finishing the same day.

Jean Hoar
Oregon Health & Science University
Library Serials

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Hello All,

Our library is taking a look at some of our daily procedures in hopes of
becoming more efficient and a question arose about the turn around time
of processing incoming journals.

I was hoping some of you might share how long it takes from the time
your journals arrive in the mail to when they are placed on the shelves
and ready for patrons to view?  A week, a day, or a few hours?  I'm just
looking for an estimate or average.  Any information would be helpful.

Thanks so much,

Holly Spindler


Kettering Medical Library &

KCMA Learning Commons

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