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Please visit RDA test Website Regina Reynolds (26 Mar 2009 20:51 UTC)

Please visit RDA test Website Regina Reynolds 26 Mar 2009 20:51 UTC

The US National Libraries RDA Test Steering Committee has launched a
Website for the RDA test project, at URL

The site includes a link to a fill-in PDF application form that you can
use to let us know if you're interested in being selected as a test

The Test Steering Committee received excellent comments about the project
after the RDA Test Planning Forum at ALA Midwinter in Denver.  As a result
of this feedback, we realized that we needed to ask for more precise
information from the potential test participants.  So we revised the
application form and made it available on the RDA Test Planning
Website.  Please complete and return the form, even if you submitted an
expression of interest earlier.

The Website also has links to a proposed timeline and to the methodology
that the Steering Committee plans to use for the testing.  We'll update
the site with additional information as we develop a complete test

Thank you very much for your interest in the US National Libraries RDA
Test project.  We look forward to hearing from you.  As the application
form states, we're requesting that anyone interested in participating as a
test partner return the PDF application, via email, by April 13 to Susan
Morris.  The email link in the form will return it to Susan.  Please get
in touch with her if you have any questions or if there is any problem
with the PDF.

Susan R. Morris
Special Assistant to the Director for Acquisitions and Bibliographic
Library of Congress
voice: 202-707-6073
fax: 202-252-3220

For the US National Libraries RDA Test Steering Committee: co-chairs Chris
Cole, Dianne McCutcheon, and Beacher Wiggins