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Haworth online journal publication "dates" Mark Hemhauser 27 Mar 2009 15:23 UTC

Has anyone noticed that Haworth was using year of online publication in
their publication dates for their journals and not the actual print
publication date? Example: Library & Archival Security, v.19 actually
published in 2004 but the date for the online is 2006 for 19:1 and 2007
for 19:2. Informaworld is continuing this practice. It certainly muddies
the waters for finding a citation. I would think it may cause problems
for link resolvers. If the citation has the year of print publication
and the link-resolver has a different year, that would cause problems,
right? And if the link resolver had the print year of publication, then
it would have trouble resolving to the issue at the publisher's site
since the year would not match.

It also makes it less clear to what content a library might have
archival access rights. If you purchase print + paid online from
2006-2009, and the publisher calls 2004 issues 2006, would you have
access to those issues as well as the 2006-2009 ones that you purchased?

I did my best to convey to Taylor and Francis the confusion this
practice will cause and probably has caused users of Haworth titles. Has
anyone else contacted T&F about this?


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