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Print Including Online Access and Licensing Jenny Lockwood 30 Mar 2009 22:43 UTC

We have many titles that are Print including Online Access.  More often
than not, these involve a shrinkwrap type license (if there are any
terms at all), and typically, the terms violate our jurisdiction or
indemnification restrictions.  In the past, we have gotten email
correspondence from the subscription manager saying we can change
jurisdiction, but that has been the best we can usually do.  How do
other institutions handle these types of access.  If you cannot get a
signed, negotiated  license do you forego putting on access? I think in
many cases, we would have to limit our choices in what we put on,
because I don't think the publisher has a dedicated legal team or would
be willing to put in the work generating a license since we have the
print.  Thanks for any advice.

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