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Motivation David Brautigam 04 Mar 2009 19:36 UTC

Hi, Marilyn -
		What motivates me?

Part I Serials Librarianship.

	(1)  The ever-changing serials world, with all the frustrations pertaining thereto (such as title/size/frequency/publisher/voluming and numbering changes; (2) the amazing variety of periodicals (pick a topic and there's likely a periodical devoted to it); (3) record-keeping, both internally for the library and externally for other libraries (think union lists and local holdings maintenance here); (4) inter-acting with other serials librarians through duplicate exchange and organizational memberships and conferences and workshops (e.g.: SERIALST, NASIG, ACRL/ALA, local and/or state associations);  (5) being able to impart some of my knowledge and experience to our student workers + trying to influence some to consider librarianship as a career (my alternative suggestion is to 'Go Navy' or think of military service as a good way to start out after graduation whilst contributing to one's country); (6) the sweeping revolutionary change from print to electronic communication.

Part II  Librarianship generally.

	(1) Repeat #4 and #6 from above.  (2)  As I look back over my life, I certainly feel that I have been following a plan. It's not my plan, it's God's plan for me and did it ever work! !  I am a librarian !    (3) I like being in libraries, having access to the collection (including special collections) and having access to the electronic tools (especially when you cannot get to them from off campus because of licensing agreements). I like being able to get things via ILL. (3) Money and fringe benefits. (It's hard to pay for things via payroll deduction when you're not on the payroll, and COBRA coverages only last just so long. (4) Work gives one a purpose, a sense of identity. (5) Librarians as a class are well-educated, sharp-minded, dedicated professional people. Dare I say it? - we're a fun bunch to be with when you get to know us.

	Well anyway those are some things for you to consider.  Good fortune with it.

							David Brautigam
							Periodicals/Science Libn. (Ret.)
							Westminster College
							New Wilmington, PA