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what influences your purchasing decisions? Kaolin Fire 05 Mar 2009 03:59 UTC

Dearest Librarians (and friends and associates),

As an amateur marketer and somewhat less amateur publisher (small press,
though), I'm very interested in any and all information you might be
willing to part with.  I promise I'll do my best to disseminate the
information to my contemporaries :)

I'm primarily interested in anyone purchasing periodicals of short
fiction (and/or poetry).  How would I best get your attention, in terms
of: sending out review copies (Library Journal, of course: two favorable
mentions there; Poets & Writers gave us a nice write-up; where else? ...).

Is the much-pushed (by EBSCO) EBSCO advertising something that catches
your eye?  Would I better find you by advertising in trade mags or
"within the fold" (would you find me if I ran some more ads in Fantasy &
Science Fiction, for instance?  Or in Granta?).

Or is the best way to get your attention to get all of our (small in
number, but growing--we recently won an Aurealis Award... or a story we
published did, anyway) fans to request their local libraries stock us?
But if you got such a request--where would you look to see if they were
shills or promoting something worthwhile? :)

I do realize times are tough, budgets are thin, etc... :/

-kaolin imago fire
-Founding Editor, some magazine you've probably not heard of