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Barcoding Serials Survey unfolds 3 more days Irma Nicola 06 Mar 2009 18:21 UTC

Greetings Serials Workers,
As the Barcoding Serials Survey unfolds the following is becoming
apparent, best practices will be determined from trends and information
received from the survey.
*	Barcoding is expensive
*	Because barcoding is expensive there are less libraries use
serials barcoding for inventory control than libraries that have no
serials barcoding.(more than 5% difference at this point)
*	Libraries that have barcoding for inventory control report
significant positive effects on inventory control.(more than 5% at this
You may request a summary report when you take the survey, so if this
information would helpful to you please NOTE there are 3 days
(Friday/TODAY, Saturday, Sunday) left to take the survey.
To take the survey please use the following link.
Barcoding Serials Survey
We hope that this survey will be beneficial for those who are
participating.  Thank you.

John 1:4

Irma H. Nicola
Serials Coordinator

Azusa Pacific University
Darling Library
Technical Services
PO Box 7000
Azusa, California 91702-7000
626-815-6000 ext. 5258

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