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Project Euclid 2010 Pricing Model Survey Kim Steinle 10 Mar 2009 14:12 UTC

Project Euclid, a hosting platform for resources in applied mathematics
and statistics, invites you to participate in a short survey about our
2010 pricing model for the Euclid Prime collection.

Euclid Prime, which currently includes 22 resources, is in a period of
growth. The number of titles in Euclid Prime will increase over the next
few years, and we are developing a pricing model that will reflect the
addition of new content.

Project Euclid is aware that many libraries are facing significant
budget cuts. We seek feedback as we develop a pricing model that
attempts to balance both the needs of the library community and those of
the growing number of independent and society publishers whose content
makes up Euclid Prime.

The survey is available at

Thank you for sharing your perspective. The survey will close on March 20th.

Project Euclid, a joint venture of Cornell University Library and Duke
University Press, hosts not only the Euclid Prime collection but
additional titles available through direct subscription from individual
publishers as well as open access content.


Mira Waller
Project Euclid Manager

Kimberly Steinle
Library Relations Manager