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cataloging question re: General Statutes of North Carolina annotated Kemp, Rebecca 22 Apr 2009 17:22 UTC

Hi, all- here's a cataloging question.   I am looking at two records for the General Statutes of NC annotated: one is OCLC #3391126, which is not a serial record; it is a monographic record, and it indicates that there is an open end date.  However, this particular title number refers to a looseleaf version of the General Statutes that were published by Michie, I assume before it was taken over by Lexis.  OCLC #42996046, on the other hand, has a note saying that it replaces the looseleaf published by Michie, and it is published by Lexis (which acquired Michie).  It is also not a looseleaf, it is a bound publication.  So, my questions are these: shouldn't #3391126 be a serial record, and shouldn't the date be closed for it, because it is continued by #42996046?

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