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Gold Fever: Read and Weep Stevan Harnad 24 Apr 2009 16:27 UTC

** Apologies for cross-posting **
Those who still harbor any doubt that the mixing of talk about Gold OA
publishing or funding with plans for Green OA self-archiving
mandates<> causes
anything but confusion, distraction, delay and failure to make progress
toward universal OA: Please readPeter Suber's
this this latest fiasco at the University of
and weep.

And then please trust some sound advice from a weary and wizened but
world-wise archivangelist:

*Disentangle completely all talk and policy concerning the requirement to
self-archive refereed journal articles (the Green OA mandate) from any
advice concerning whether or not to publish in Gold OA journals, and from
any plans to help authors pay for Gold OA journal publishing charges, should
they elect to publish in a fee-based Gold OA journal.*

Otherwise this mindless and thoughtless Gold
just usher in yet another half-decade of failure to reach for what is
already fully within the global research community's grasp: universal Green
OA through universal Green OA self-archiving mandates adopted by
universities and research funders worldwide.

*Stevan Harnad <>*
American Scientist Open Access