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International Symposium - last call for papers Joachim SCHOPFEL 27 Apr 2009 19:48 UTC

Last call for papers - new deadline 4 May 2009

International Symposium "Academic Online Resources: Assessment and Usage"

Lille (France), 26-27 November 2009
Charles de Gaulle University Lille 3
GERiiCO laboratory


Suggested topics

1.        Access statistics: empirical studies

2.        Usage behaviours in academic environment: plural methodologies

3.        Metrics and assessment

4.        Tools, standards, and services: prospective analyses

5.        Access statistics and scientific research assessment

6.        Usage behaviours and business models for academic online resources

7.        Academic libraries in a digital environment: usage profiles and
new services

8.        New publishing models and access statistics

9.        Usage assessment of new information resources: datasets,

10.     Usage of online resources, competencies, and information literacy
(Google generation)

The symposium is open to contributions from France and other countries.
Expected languages are French and English.

Submission of proposals at the following address:

Each tender for communication should include identity of the speaker and
his contact numbers (name - corporate name - telephone - fax - addresses -
e-mail), references and a short biography, title of the intervention with
the selected theme, a summary of about 6000 characters (without blanks)
written in French or English, and three key-words.