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Re: Link Resolvers Linda Wobbe (08 Apr 2009 01:12 UTC)

Re: Link Resolvers Linda Wobbe 08 Apr 2009 01:12 UTC

Hi Jason,

We are pretty happy with 360Link from SerialsSolutions. We have
investigated ExLibris' SFX and have come to the conclusion that the two
products are very similar. To redo the A-Z list and all the setup would
be pretty time-consuming.

The setup to implement open url is somewhat time-consuming. In addition
to basic setup of the results pages, you have to go to the
administrative module for every publisher and implement open url, add
your graphic, and search string. SerialsSolutions provides documentation
that makes this a bit easier, but predict you will be spending a bit of
time! If you have previously implemented a "check holdings" feature that
runs a check of your a-z list, you pretty much have to go back to the
administrative modules, get rid of that feature, and implement the open
url feature.

Originally we were mystified that our "database search" statistics were
exploding, but our "article download" statistics were dropping. Then we
implemented one-click, which opens an article immediately. This feature
continues to improve and is the only way our students are successful,
probably. Our "article download" statistics have rebounded.

We also use ILLiad, and when we have no holdings a user can click a
link, and the ILLiad form is filled out for them.

You are welcome to stop by and take a look at how it works for us. (This
offer applies to anyone in our area!)


Jason Dezember wrote:

> Hi,
> We're looking into link resolvers and I wondered if anyone could
> provide any feedback on how satisfied you are with yours.
> We currently use Serials Solutions 360 core for our a to z list, so
> are considering their 360 link product. We're also looking at
> LinkSource. Any comments or suggestions?

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