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Re: Ow. I was wrong about LC. Rick C. Mason (09 Apr 2009 16:29 UTC)

Re: Ow. I was wrong about LC. Rick C. Mason 09 Apr 2009 16:29 UTC

Don't feel bad - it means you have a good eye for typos.

A bit of research (Wiktionary: ) reveals broncho to be an alternative spelling.

The online edition of the OED ( ) (to use an earlier version of a social network dictionary) uses that spelling for every source prior to 1884.

Kind of an interesting discovery for the day.  Thanks!


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My earlier message, entitled "Ow. LC does a typo," revealed my own ignorance.  The spelling error was actually committed by whoever named the film "Bucking Broncho."  All LC did was faithfully reproduce that [mis]spelling.  My bad.  SW

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