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FW: Musical Quarterly Buck, Marguerite 15 Apr 2009 15:26 UTC

Musical Quarterly

I want to thank all who replied to my query. In our case I believe there was a breakdown between the subscription agent and the publisher. I kept ordering and counted on the agent to get it done. It did not happen.

Now the agent has ordered 2 years of the back issues for us and 2009.  My experience with getting back issues has not been great but I am hopeful.

I am not concerned with late issues, just issues that are published, ordered but never come.

Marguerite Buck
Serials/Reference Librarian
Gabriele Library
Immaculata University
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Date:    Wed, 8 Apr 2009 14:56:21 -0400

From:    "Hirko, Amanda" <amanda.hirko@OXFORDJOURNALS.ORG>

Subject: Re: Musical Quarterly

Dear all,

First of all we would like to apologize for The Musical Quarterly's delayed publication schedule, and all the inconvenience this has caused many of you.=20

We would like to reassure you that we are doing all we can to get back on schedule.

The current issue of The Musical Quarterly is Volume 91, Number 1-2 Spring-Summer 2008 (online at,

and print issues have been distributed.

We are on track to publish the final 2008 issues by the end of May (Volume 91, Number 3-4, Fall-Winter 2008), and there will be two further double issues published in 2009, making up Volume 92. This will bring the journal on schedule by the end of the year.

The renewal invoices for 2009 have already been sent out.

If you have any problems or queries at all please do contact our customer service desk (<>, if you are in the US and<> if you are in the rest of the world).

We thank you for your patience.

Best Wishes,

Amanda Hirko

Library Marketing Manager

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