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Re: Electronic Journal Cataloging Gurevich, Konstantin (01 Jul 2009 14:53 UTC)

Re: Electronic Journal Cataloging Gurevich, Konstantin 01 Jul 2009 14:53 UTC

		All service providers have their fans, but I think you
need to give Serials Solutions a good look. In addition to maintaining
an A-Z list for you, they can provide MARC records for e-journals to be
loaded into your OPAC on a monthly basis, if that's what you want (check
out our OPAC, easily googlable) - for an additional fee. They can also
provide link resolver services. The beauty of SS is that they host
everything, you don't need a special server to get their services, which
saves a lot of staff time on the IT side.
		And I agree with Barbara - cataloging e-journals "by
hand" is absolutely unfeasible.
		Good luck! Hope this helps.

Konstantin Gurevich
Serials Cataloging and Metadata Maintenance
Rush Rhees Library
University of Rochester
Rochester, NY 14627-9452
(585) 275-9452

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We get marc records for our electronic titles from Serials Solutions.
Whether or not we used Serials Solutions or not, I cannot imagine trying

to keep up with the frequent changes or urls, dates, etc. manually. We
have around 20,000 or so electronic journal titles which have different
levels of availability and dates in different databases. Serials
Solutions sends us a data upload every month around the middle of the
month. There are times when the A to Z List is more accurate because of
some change with a specific title, such as a publisher pulling a title
altogether or setting an embargo for a title.


Barbara M. Pope, MALS
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Pittsburg State University
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Notarnicola, Dorothy Lynn (LARC-B702)[TESSADA & ASSOC INC] wrote:
> Dear Serialists:
> We are trying to figure out the best way to let our patrons know what
> our complete e-journal holdings are. We are using SFX as a URL handler

> and A to Z list provider. Our online catalog is SIRSI.
> NASA Langley has converted most of our serials collection to
> electronic holdings. The staff is of mixed opinion on how to handle
> our electronic holdings, especially if we want to have a single
> 'catalog of record.' Since serials packages change, archive packages
> keep popping up, vendors are swapped out and subscriptions dropped as
> budgets change we are finding that maintaining both SFX and the online

> catalog to be time consuming and a duplication of effort. (Especially
> with a staff of 2!)
> For example, we have all the Wiley and almost all the Springer journal

> titles through one of the special package arrangements but we haven't
> loaded the 3000+ journal records into our online catalog, only into
> the URL handler. And what if we drop one of the packages next year....
> How are other libraries handling their online holdings? Are you
> maintaining the actual holdings in the online catalog? If so, do you
> use a URL handler? If you have a URL handler do you also maintain a
> complete holdings statement in the catalog?
> Thank you in advance for your replies.
> *Dorothy Notarnicola *
> *Acquisitions Librarian*
> NASA Langley Research Center
> MS 185 * Bldg 1194 * Room 306
> Hampton, VA 23681-2199
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