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Re: Platform for individual electronic journals (besides EJS?) Barbara Pope (31 Jul 2009 18:14 UTC)

Re: Platform for individual electronic journals (besides EJS?) Barbara Pope 31 Jul 2009 18:14 UTC

Hello, Jane.  I would like to know this also.  Just recently, we started
having a problem with newly added titles that support ip
authentication.  We do not do any titles that require the user name and
password.  It's just too much to keep track of and eventually the
passwords may leak out to parties who should not have them.  Recently, I
added two new titles to EJS.  The access all works fine on campus.  When
I try to test it at home for verification, I can get through the proxy
just fine.  It's when I try to access an article that I get stumped with
input user name and password box.  I called Tech Support at Ebsco the
other day and they blamed it on our proxy server.  Our systems staff
questions why we even use EJS if it is hosted at the publisher website
anyway.  I agree, but it means the systems staff would have to account
for every single publisher we have online access for.  I think it would
be a lot of work, but I think I could go into Serials Solutions and get
the title direct from the publisher.  I am not even sure if I could
count how many titles that would be, though.  We are going more and more
online, so we have to get a handle on this issue.  Has anyone else gone
direct to the publisher website for access rather than EJS?  If so, does
it work well for you, or at least better?

Thank you.


Barbara M. Pope, MALS
Periodicals/Reference Librarian
Axe Library
Pittsburg State University
1701 S. Broadway
Pittsburg KS  66762

Lawless, Jane wrote:
> We most often use EBSCO's EJS as an administrative platform for our
> individually- subscribed electronic journals. This is valuable
> especially when publishers don't support IP authentication; we can set
> up a pop-up with login info for our users.
> A number of e-journals we wish to subscribe to individually are not
> available through EJS. This is especially true for titles that are aimed
> at elementary educators (Everyday TLC, Enchanted Learning are two
> examples). These titles don't support IP recognition and don't go
> through EJS, so we are trying to work out alternatives. Without an admin
> platform that allows us to communicate login info to our users, I am
> stumped.
> If anyone knows something that would help me with this question I'd be
> very grateful!
> Thanks,
> Jane
> Jane Lawless
> Electronic Resources/Serials Librarian
> Levin Memorial Library
> Curry College
> 1071 Blue Hill Avenue
> Milton MA 02186
> (617) 333-2245
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