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Commercial digest (4 messages) Bob Persing 03 Jul 2009 20:15 UTC


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This week's digest contains 4 messages:

1) Two months free access to new journal titles from Emerald
2) AIP announces institutional subscription pricing and other changes for 2010
3) Duke University Press Announces the Addition of Two Mathematics Journals
4) "Orphaned" Journal Now Secure in Portico

Message #1:

Subject: Two months free access to new journal titles from Emerald
From: "Janet Fisher" <>
Date: Mon, 29 Jun 2009 15:18:42 -0400

We thought your readers might be interested in this free access sampling of new journals.

Janet Fisher

Discover new Emerald journals online

Two-month free access to all recently launched titles

United Kingdom, June 2009 - Emerald Group Publishing Limited, the world's leading publisher of management research, is making its new journals free online. Every two months, every user will be able to access up to three new titles recently added to the Emerald portfolio:

Emerald has been committed to pursuing an international publishing development programme in order to identify innovative publication ideas and keep up with new trends in the fields of business management, library and information science and engineering.

Vicky Williams, Head of Publishing Development, comments: "We are delighted to offer all users the possibility to sample the quality and breadth of new Emerald titles. Our dedicated team of publishers, along with stringent selection criteria, enables us to grow our existing portfolio with strong and innovative content. Quality and relevance remain the focus of all the new titles that are considered for publication."

Ten new titles will be made freely available throughout 2009. Another 13 new publications are expected to expand the portfolio in 2010.

Answering to Emerald's "Research you can use" publishing philosophy, all new titles contribute studies that have implications in the world of practice. They also build an ecology of knowledge, enriching the scholarly debate between developed nations and developing economies.

Subscribers to the new flagship online journal collection, Emerald Management Plus, will gain access to each new title as soon as it is available online.

For more information about the new launch programme or to submit proposals, contact Joe Bennett, New Launch Publisher, at or visit

-	ends -

About Emerald

Established in 1967, Emerald Group Publishing is the world's leading publisher of management research.  In total, Emerald publishes over 700 titles, comprising 200 journals, over 300 books and more than 200 series and serials as well as an extensive range of online products and services.  Emerald is both COUNTER and TRANSFER compliant. The organization is a partner of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) and also works with Portico and the LOCKSS initiative for digital archive preservation.

Emerald Management Plus is the largest, most comprehensive collection of peer reviewed management journals and online support for students, managers and researchers. With "Research you can use" as a publishing philosophy, the collection provides scholarly research that is both rigorous and relevant, with practical implications for professionals outside the academic world. For busy managers in corporate, federal and public organizations, Emerald Management First is an award-winning online knowledge and information resource.

Arnaud Pellé
Corporate Communications Manager
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
Phone: +44 (0)1274 777700

Message #2:

Subject: AIP announces institutional subscription pricing and other changes for 2010
From: "Bruce Shriver" <>
Date: Wed, 01 Jul 2009 16:27:54 -0400

[This message is cross-posted.  Please pardon the duplication.]

Dear Colleagues:

The American Institute of Physics is pleased to announce 2010 institutional
subscription rates. As a prestigious learned society publisher, AIP has always
provided the physics community with world-class content, and one of the
hallmarks of the AIP Journal brand is outstanding value. For many years, we have
worked with the library community to maintain low prices and low annual price
increases. As a result, AIP’s price-to-content value is among the very best in
STM publishing. At the same time, AIP journals (listed below) continue to be
increasingly popular with authors and readers worldwide as measured by the total
number of articles submitted and published each year, and the millions of
article downloads we report yearly.

Applied Physics Letters
APL: Organic Electronics and Photonics
Applied Physics Reviews
Computing in Science & Engineering (co-published with IEEE Computer Society)
Journal of Applied Physics
The Journal of Chemical Physics
JCP: BioChemical Physics
Journal of Physical & Chemical Reference Data (co-published with NIST)
Journal of Mathematical Physics
Low Temperature Physics
Physics of Fluids
Physics of Plasmas
Physics Today
Review of Scientific Instruments
AIP Conference Proceedings

Developments for 2010

Journal of Renewable and Sustainable Energy: Launched in 2009; Remains Free in
Journal of Renewable and Sustainable Energy is a new multi-disciplinary e-only
journal drawing from a diverse range of fields such as geothermal energy,
bioenergy, solar and wind power, energy storage, and transportation.
Peer-reviewed articles cover the science, rather than the policy, behind these
emerging energy sources. Access to JRSE remains free in 2010.

Biomicrofluidics Remains Free in 2010
Biomicrofluidics, which originally launched as an open-access journal in 2007,
rapidly disseminates novel microfluidic techniques with diagnostic, medical,
biological, pharmaceutical, environmental, and chemical applications. With the
elimination of open access fees, access to Biomicrofluidics will now be
completely free in 2010.

APL: Organic Electronics and Photonics Remains Free in 2010
Our newest spotlight journal, APL: Organic Electronics and Photonics, remains
free in 2010. APL:OEP includes the subset of articles from Applied Physics
Letters that directly deal with organic electronics and photonics. Content is
published online daily, collected into monthly e-only issues.

AIP Conference Proceedings Moves to Tiered Pricing Schedule
To make the AIP Conference Proceedings more affordable to a larger number of
institutions, we will move to a tiered pricing schedule in 2010. The rates that
most institutions pay will actually decrease. Tier assignments will be the same
as they are for AIP journal subscriptions.

Low Temperature Physics Moves to Tiered Pricing Schedule
Low Temperature Physics, the English translation of the journal, Fizika Nizikh,
also moves to a tiered pricing scheduled in 2010.

Physics Today Digital Archive
AIP now offers a one-time payment option for perpetual access to the recently
digitized backfile of Physics Today. The Physics Today Digital Archive provides
permanent access to Physics Today content older than five years back to the
first issue published in 1948. This complements our existing Digital Archive for
AIP journal content, also available via a perpetual access option.

AIP Maintains Tier Assignments for 2010
In 2010, we will hold AIP tier assignments steady, once again allowing
libraries to maintain their current tier assignment. If you have questions
regarding your institution’s AIP tier, please contact us.

If you have a question regarding these new options, or about our 2010 prices,
please contact or call 1-800-344-6902.

For more on the value of AIP’s journals, go to:

To view 2010 prices for AIP’s publications, please go to:

We look forward to serving you in the new subscription year.

Best regards,

Lori Carlin
Director, Fulfillment and Marketing Services
American Institute of Physics
Melville NY 11747 USA
Tel: +1 516-576-2279

Message #3:

Subject: Duke University Press Announces the Addition of Two Mathematics Journals
From: Kim Steinle <>
Date: Wed, 01 Jul 2009 17:30:17 -0400

Duke University Press is pleased to add the Kyoto Journal of
Mathematics, formerly the Journal of Mathematics of Kyoto University,
and the Nagoya Mathematical Journal to its growing list of mathematics

The Kyoto Journal of Mathematics publishes original research papers at
the forefront of pure mathematics, including surveys that contribute to
advances in pure mathematics. The quarterly journal will be hosted on
the Project Euclid platform and included in the Euclid Prime collection.

Since its inception in 1950, the Nagoya Mathematical Journal has
published high-quality research papers that appeal to the general
mathematical audience and that cover a broad range of pure mathematics.
The journal will continue to be hosted on the Project Euclid platform
and in 2010 will move from an open-access to a subscription model in
order to maintain sustainable funding. All content published before 2010
will remain freely available on the Project Euclid platform. The paid
content will become freely available after five-years.

For information about the Kyoto Journal of Mathematics and the Nagoya
Mathematical Journal, please contact Journals Customer Service at, or visit

Kimberly Steinle
Library Relations Manager
Duke University Press
905 W. Main St., Suite 18B
Durham, NC 27701

Phone (919) 687-3655
Fax (919) 680-6078

Message #4:

Subject: "Orphaned" Journal Now Secure in Portico
From: "David Fritsch" <>
Date: Thu, 2 Jul 2009 14:25:04 -0400


Heidi McGregor
Director, Marketing & Communications
Phone: 212-358-6406
Fax: 212-358-6499


“Orphaned” Journal Now Secure in Portico

New York, July 2 - Portico today announced that Pain Reviews—an electronic journal that ceased publication in 2002—has been secured, preserved, and made accessible through its digital preservation service.

Hodder Arnold published Pain Reviews online from 1998 to 2002.  In 2006, Hodder ended its journal program and sold its list to SAGE Publications, except for Pain Reviews.  The title had already been discontinued and, at the time, there were no options for moving it into a managed digital preservation service.

Now, seven years later, Hodder has given Portico the right to preserve the title and to provide access to its nearly 500 participating libraries around the world.

“This is an important development for libraries and scholars,” commented Eileen Fenton, Portico’s Executive Director. “There is volatility in the publishing market. Publications come and go, and titles that become orphaned over time need the kind of permanent preservation and care that Portico routinely provides for electronic scholarly literature. Our ability to ensure libraries will not lose access to content in the future provides all concerned —publishers, libraries and scholars—with the support necessary to transition securely to reliance on e-resources.”

Portico has secured the original digital files from IngentaConnect (a Publishing Technology service), Hodder’s former technology provider, and has migrated them to an archival format, deposited the files into the archive, and is managing their preservation including migrating the content to new formats over time.  The content will be removed from the Ingenta website. It has already been pushed out to the Portico delivery site for access by users at Portico participating institutions.

“This is an important step forward in the academic publishing industry’s shift to e-resources,” said Louise Tutton, Senior Vice President, Publishing Technology. “Very few publishers want to continue to spend money supporting titles that no longer deliver economic value or to invest in technology format upgrades for them, and titles cease publication every year. Shifting responsibility for these publications to entities like Portico so that libraries and scholars can be assured of long-term access makes good sense.”

About Portico

Portico, a not-for-profit archive, preserves scholarly literature published in electronic form and ensures that these materials remain accessible to future scholars, researchers, and students. More than 10,000 e-journals and 6,400 e-books have been promised to the Portico archive which is supported by nearly 500 libraries worldwide and 71 publishers representing over 2000 scholarly societies and associations. Portico is a part of Ithaka, a not-for-profit organization helping the academic community use digital technologies to preserve the scholarly record and to advance research and teaching in sustainable ways.

David R. Fritsch
Assistant Director, Outreach and Participation Services
JSTOR | Portico
1295 King George Boulevard
Ann Arbor, MI 48108

Voice: (609) 286-2286
Fax: (212) 358-6445