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ERM for journal management Sarah Sanford 07 Jul 2009 18:58 UTC

I'm curious if other libraries currently use (or are considering) a
commercial, open-source, and/or home grown ERM to also manage print
and/or online journals. Like other libraries, we are caught in the
transition between print and online worlds which require completely
different workflows and systems to manage them. I currently "make do" by
using our ILS (Aleph) and ebsconet to manage subscriptions, invoicing,
and running reports for statistics, journal reviews, and various
projects. However, each has its limitations.  I have created workarounds
within each system, but I'm hoping some day I won't have to. (Wishful
thinking?) How are other libraries managing print and online journals?
Multiple spreadsheets? ILS? Access? ERMS?

Thank you for your time.


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