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Re: Does Voyager EDI > EBSCO for claiming work? Kristen Fredericksen 14 Jul 2009 17:53 UTC

Hi Anor,
    I claim titles that we get through a package or a membership on
EBSCONET or through our customer service rep. This is because EBSCO
requires titles to be claimed on the main record. For instance, we have
a package of journals from the Institution of Civil Engineers and I
claim each individual title from the package record. I claim all other
titles using EDI. Also be sure to check your claims in EBSCONET every so
often. Sometimes publishers reply to claims with information about
issues being out of print or being resent. You wouldn't know this if you
only looked at Voyager. If you have any other questions, please let me know.



I already placed this query on the Voyager listserv, so I apologize for
any duplication; if so, please disregard.

Wondering if anyone is using Voyager's EDI function currently to
communicate claims to/from EBSCO? This would seem to be more efficient
than having to log-in to EBSCONet to do the same thing-but I'm new and
maybe I'm missing some vital information? If it does work, is there
anything we should keep in mind when setting it up? Any known bugs? Any
work-arounds? Have I asked enough questions???


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