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Hitch re EJS - It's Going Away Grace-Ellen McCrann (01 Aug 2009 15:04 UTC)

Hitch re EJS - It's Going Away Grace-Ellen McCrann 01 Aug 2009 15:04 UTC

1 August 2009

Dear Everybody,

There's a hitch re EJS --- It's going away
--- probably by the end of the year.

I had heard that this was a possibility and
I asked our Chief of Technical Services to
check with EBSCO.

EBSCO confirmed that this is true, but at the
moment have no official date for this to happen.

They are offering a substitute for EJS --- their
A-Zed service.

We use Serials Solutions and EBSCO says they
will have a package "Ejournals from EBSCO" that
will be available via Serials Solutions, just
as EJS is currently available via SS.

They said we can switch over now --- or wait
until EJS officially expires --- whenever
that is.

However, I just went into the Serials Solutions
database and Ejournals from EBSCO is not
yet available as a database. (I also searched
by e journals and e-journals --- also searched
as a vendor and under "All Titles" and "Other"
--- but no joy.)

We certainly can't switch over until the
"new" package is available via Serials Solutions.

As long as we use the Ejournals from EBSCO as
a substitute for EJS there will be no charge.
If we add any additional titles, they will charge
--- but no specific details.

The titles in the EBSCO A-Zed/Ejournals from
EBSCO will link directly to the publishers'

Direct linking sounds good to me. We've had
a number of technical glitches with the EJS
webpages and direct links sound as though
the links would be less problematical ---
not to mention, more user-friendly  :>)

EBSCO also said that the current URLs for
individual titles would continue to work.

Kind regards,

Professor Grace-Ellen McCrann
Chief, Government Documents Division
The City College of New York
Cohen Library, 2nd floor
160 Convent Avenue
New York, NY 10031
(212) 650 5073