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Re: Signage needed John Lucas (12 Aug 2009 16:30 UTC)

Re: Signage needed John Lucas 12 Aug 2009 16:30 UTC

Hello Janet,

So far, it seems that most or all of the responses are focused on labels in the stacks for Individual Journal Titles.  While this is really good, I wonder if this is what you were asking for or was it for format, verbage for a more general signage to be placed on  the end panels.

The individual titles is great, but OH What a project and maintenance would seem to be a problem.  Shelf labels coming off as volumes directly on the label may be utilized. As to magnetic, I have found that those are easily dislodged.

If you were looking for a more general verbage sign, then a simple statement of "Also check our Electronic Journal List for available titles / volumes" could suffice. If the Coast Guard Academy does not have an AV department, any local sign company could design attractive signs, in poster board, plastic, or laminated paper.

Best Regards (& Luck)

>>> "Essency, Janet E." <Janet.E.Essency@USCGA.EDU> 8/11/2009 8:00 AM

Dear all,
  My director would like to put a sign in our print journal  collection
that basically says if you can*t find what you are looking for here then
go to list of electronic journal list. I have no talent for signs and
couldn*t find any examples online. Does anyone have great signs to

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