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This week's digest contains 2 messages:

1) JSTOR and University of California Collaboration
2) AIP/APS Virtual Journal Series Expands Coverage

Message #1:

Subject: JSTOR and University of California Collaboration
From: "David Fritsch" <>
Date: Thu, 13 Aug 2009 09:25:51 -0400




Heidi McGregor

VP, Marketing & Communications



University of California Press:

Rebekah Darksmith

Sales & Marketing Director


A new collaboration emerges to improve access to scholarship for
faculty, students, and librarians. University of California Press and
JSTOR today announced a new effort to invest in a shared online platform
and outreach services that promise to create a more seamless, rich
online work environment for faculty and students, ease the burden on
librarians of negotiating separate license agreements with a multitude
of publishers and independent titles, and promote a more cost-effective
publishing environment.

August 12, 2009 – Berkeley, CA and New York, NY – University of
California Press, the not-for-profit publishing arm of the University of
California, and JSTOR, the preservation archive and research platform
that is part of the not-for-profit ITHAKA, will work in partnership —and
encourage others to join them—to make current and historical scholarly
content available on a single, integrated platform, to provide a single
point of purchase and access for librarians and end users around the
world, and to ensure its long-term preservation.

Beginning in 2011, current content from all University of California
Press published journals, including those from scholarly societies, will
be hosted on a re-designed JSTOR platform. Faculty and students around
the world will be able to access all licensed content on JSTOR – current
issues, back issues, and a growing set of primary source materials from
libraries – easily and seamlessly. JSTOR’s nearly 6,000 library
participants worldwide will be able to license the Press’s current
journals, either individually or as part of current issue collections,
together with JSTOR back issue collections in a single transaction. The
journals will also continue to be preserved in Portico, the digital
preservation service that is also part of ITHAKA.

“We hear from many publishers about the challenges they face in managing
technology and achieving the scale needed to build visibility and a
widespread subscription base for their journals.“ said Michael Spinella,
JSTOR Managing Director, “At the same time libraries and users often
find it difficult to license and use high-quality publications scattered
among hundreds of different publishers and sites. This new effort is
aimed at providing users seamless access to a wide range of current and
historical content, while enabling libraries to support their access in
more cost-effective ways.”

“This should really help publishers, libraries, and the community,”
added Rebecca Simon, Associate Director of University of California
Press and Director of the Journals + Digital Publishing Division. “UC
Press and our society clients will host our publications on a platform
where we benefit from rich functionality and wider exposure to libraries
than we have today, where JSTOR’s millions of users will be able to
access the full breadth of our content in a place they visit regularly,
and where libraries will be able to add our publications to their
holdings with the ease of a single license agreement and invoice from
JSTOR, while also being assured of their preservation over time.”

The Current Scholarship Program – as the effort will be known – grew out
of a long-standing relationship and dialogue between UC Press and JSTOR
who share an understanding of the problems facing scholarly
communications and a deep desire to work together to craft a sustainable
publishing model that embodies academic values. The effort was also
informed by research conducted by Ithaka S+R, the strategy and research
arm of ITHAKA, over the past several years and the group’s ongoing work
to understand and develop sustainable business models and support
innovation in the development and dissemination of digital scholarship.

Driving the partnership is an articulated set of principles, among them:
supporting the broad dissemination of quality scholarship through
affordable and sustainable means, promoting fair and transparent
pricing, facilitating seamless access to authoritative content of all
kinds, and ensuring reliable, long-term preservation and access to
scholarship. Organizations interested in joining the Program in the
future – whether commercial or non-commercial – will be encouraged to
embrace these fundamentals as well.

“Now is the time for new approaches that will enable the academic
community to thrive in the future and to do so in ways and with
organizations that understand and support scholarly values,” said Lynne
Withey, Director of University of California Press. “The Press’s
purposes and interests are well aligned with our colleagues at ITHAKA
and with those of other scholarly organizations and universities and
colleges around the world. We know what we are after, and we are eager
to have a greater, lasting impact by working together in ways that
neither organization, nor our colleagues in other organizations and
institutions, could alone.”

In addition to easing access to scholarly content, the redesigned JSTOR
platform will also offer enhanced functionality to support the
publication of new digital scholarship. Working with Atypon Systems,
whose Literatum technology is underlying both JSTOR and UC Press’s
current platforms, the new platform will provide for the delivery of
multimedia content, increased personalization features, and new
navigation and visualization features. This development will help
authors and their publishers take better advantage of technology in the
creation, explication, and impact of their work.

For more information about the Current Scholarship Program, see


JSTOR is a preservation archive and research platform for the academic
community. Through JSTOR, faculty, researchers, and students are able to
discover, use, and build upon a wide range of content in a trusted
digital archive of over 1,000 academic journals, as well as conference
proceedings, monographs, and other scholarly content. Nearly 6,000
libraries and cultural heritage institutions and hundreds of the world's
leading publishers of scholarly literature participate in and support
JSTOR. JSTOR is part of ITHAKA, a not-for-profit organization helping
the academic community use digital technologies to advance scholarship
and teaching in sustainable ways. ITHAKA also includes two additional
services – Ithaka S+R and Portico.

University of California Press
Founded in 1893, University of California Press is one of the largest
and most distinguished of American university presses, publishing books
and journals in the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences.
The Press publishes nearly 200 new books and 40 journals each year,
representing a broad spectrum of acclaimed works from innovative first
works by young academics to in-depth articles presenting the results of
the research and creative thinking of many of the world's foremost
scholars. A major publisher of scholarly journals, the Journals +
Digital Publishing Division has extensive experience providing
traditional and digital publishing services for more than 20 client
scholarly societies and associations.

David R. Fritsch

Assistant Director, Outreach and Participation Services

JSTOR | Portico

1295 King George Boulevard

Ann Arbor, MI 48108

Voice: (609) 986-2286

Fax: (212) 358-6445


Message #2:

Subject: AIP/APS Virtual Journal Series Expands Coverage
From: "Bruce Shriver" <>
Date: Thu, 13 Aug 2009 13:08:21 -0400

[This message is cross-posted. Please pardon the duplication.]

MELVILLE, NY, August 12, 2009 - The AIP- and APS-sponsored Virtual
Journals in
Science and Technology series ( now include the
papers from
two more scholarly journals, both available through IOP Publishing. These
publications are EPL, formerly Europhysics Letters, published by the EPL
Association (which includes IOP as a publishing partner), and
co-published by Uspekhi Fizicheskikh Nauk and Turpion Ltd. IOP also provides
content from Physica Scripta and New Journal of Physics to the Virtual

Each Virtual Journal (VJ) compiles a list of relevant papers from a
broad range
of physical science publications, each dedicated to a single field. The
series of five journals offers researchers quick, convenient access to the
latest papers in nanoscale science, biological physics, quantum information,
superconductivity, and ultrafast science.

“Thanks to the Virtual Journals, researchers have free access to a number of
discipline-specific resources that give them an instant snapshot of the
important work being done in their field,” said Gene Sprouse, APS’s
Editor-in-Chief. “We strive to make this service as valuable as possible to
researchers worldwide, which includes enhanced content and topical coverage.
This summer, in fact, we released the sixth publication in the series,
Journal of Atomic Quantum Fluids.”
Abstracts from the journals of 19 scholarly publishers are accessible from
links in the tables of contents of each Virtual Journal without access
restrictions. To view full-text articles, VJ users can follow the links
to the
articles in the source journal. Subscribers to any journal will find
quick links
to the journal's full-text articles; nonsubscribers can purchase the

“We’re very pleased that the Virtual Journals have expanded the number of
publications covered through that addition of two more titles provided
by IOP.
Gathering together topically related content from a broad swath of
makes it much easier for specialists in the fields covered by the series
to stay
abreast with the current topflight research,” said Fred Dylla, AIP’s
Executive Director & CEO. “With science and technology developments becoming
more and more interdisciplinary, the Virtual Journals series has become
a highly
valuable cross-publisher research tool.”

American Institute of Physics is a federation of 10 physical science
representing more than 135,000 scientists, engineers, and educators and
is one
of the world’s largest publishers of scientific information in physics.
Offering full-solution publishing services for physics scientific
societies and
for similar organizations in science and engineering, AIP pursues
innovation in
electronic publishing of scholarly journals. AIP publishes 12 journals; two
magazines, including its flagship publication Physics Today; and the AIP
Conference Proceedings series. Its online publishing platform,
Scitation, hosts
nearly two million articles from more than 185 scholarly journals and other
publications of 28 learned society publishers.

American Physical Society is a not-for-profit corporation dedicated to the
advancement and diffusion of the knowledge of physics. APS represents
more than
47,000 physicists worldwide and is a leader in the creation of
e-journals. It
publishes leading international physics journals, including Physical Review
Letters, Reviews of Modern Physics, Physical Review A-E, Physical Review
Topics, and Physics - a new, free, online publication spotlighting
research. APS also organizes major scientific meetings and provides strong
outreach programs, including education and both international and public

IOP Publishing is a leading scientific publisher that specializes in physics
and related subjects. It is an integral part of the Institute of Physics
an international learned society and professional body, whose mission is to
promote the advancement of physics worldwide. Beyond a traditional journals
program, IOP Publishing makes high-value scientific information easily
accessible through a portfolio of community websites, conference
proceedings and
a multitude of electronic services. As its publishing arm, IOP Publishing
directly contributes to the funding of IOP’s important charitable and
educational activities.

EPL Association (EPLA) is a not-for-profit consortium of 17 learned European
physics societies. EPLA’s publishing partners are the European Physical
Society (EPS), the UK Institute of Physics (IOP), the Société Française de
Physique (SFP)/EDP Sciences and the Società Italiana di Fisica (SIF). EPLA
publishes original, high-quality letters in all areas of physics, from
matter and interdisciplinary research to astrophysics and plasma science,
including those with application potential. More information on EPLA and its
shareholders can be found at

For additional information, see or contact:
Mark Cassar
Publisher, Journals and Technical Publications
American Institute of Physics
Phone: +1 516-576-2406