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Re: Department size Griffin, Glenda (17 Aug 2009 18:07 UTC)

Re: Department size Griffin, Glenda 17 Aug 2009 18:07 UTC

I'm interested to know if you catalog your electronic serials and how many that involves?  Its seems that is what is drowning me.  We have large collections of electronic serials that do not have records in the catalog and we get more all the time.  We use the single record approach - so I have to de-dup title lists to see if we already own it in print or already have another electronic record for it.  Then I search for the records, import them, and create unique URLs for each record to our A-Z list.  These batches are sometimes 1000-1300 records large and sometimes a collection contains several batches (JSTOR).  De-dupping, finding records and then touching each one for the unique URL is killing me.  Granted, we do sometimes get batches of MARC records from a vendor, but not always.  When I find a vendor who has lumped all title changes under one heading (!!#$%&&@$), it really slows the process down even more. I also do all database maintenance for serials - which is a one person job all by itself - and all original serials cataloging.

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Glenda Griffin

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Our Serials cataloging staff consist of one cataloger, me, with  one serials technician (check-ins and claims) and one continuations technician (check-ins and claims). After four years here, I have gone through a backlog of problems and rearranged routines, so that my 2 LTA's handle the basic routines and I handle the problems that are beyond routine or need more strong statements to vendors and publishers. That leaves me with some time to catalog a backlog of serials that were donated many years ago from a special aeronautical corporation. I am about half finished with that project, as it involves primarily original cataloging. I also handle all the new serial titles and title changes. We also maintain a print Periodicals Holdings List for our patrons and staff that is upgraded twice a year (time consuming but very helpful). Feel free to query further if you need information.

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Greetings colleagues,
I am interested in finding out the number of librarians and staff for serials cataloging other libraries have who are similar in size to ours.  I'm interested in academic libraries that serve student populations of approximately 15,000-18,000.  Our library has acquisition staff that order, check-in, and conduct shelf maintenance for our serials.  Cataloging staff for serials consists of one person - me.  I would like to know if other libraries our size have more than one cataloging staff for serials.  I would appreciate any feedback.  Thanks so much!

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