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Re: Labels for file boxes Joanna C. Kennedy 08 Dec 2009 15:55 UTC

Since things frequently move in & out of our journals storage area, we re-use our boxes - the easiest & fastest thing for us is to use a simple label template we made in Word, print them & tape them on the boxes with packaging tape (taping right over older labels). But we do use the nicer 'Avery'-type stick-on labels for any boxes that are out in the public area, where appearances matter.


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Subject: [SERIALST] Labels for file boxes

We use cardboard corner-cut file boxes and an aging collection of Magafile
boxes to house the back periodicals that we don't bind.  For many years we
have been using labels with a wet-to-stick gummed backing that required us
to type them up individually. We finally ran out of our supply of this kind
of label several months ago.  Since then we have been using laser printer
labels.  Not only do they not stick properly to our file boxes and look
pretty bad, they don't even work in our laser printers and we have to use
them in the typewriter as well!

What kind labels do you use on these cardboard-type file boxes?  Do any of
you use the stand-alone label printers that print individual labels for
these file boxes and if so, what has your experience been with them?