Seeking alternatives for managing serials orders/renewals - can it be done outside of the integrated library system? Todd Grooten 02 Mar 2010 20:20 UTC

Good afternoon colleagues,

I currently work in a corporate library that uses their ILS system to keep track of serials orders and renewals.  We currently use one of the "big" systems, and we're finding that this system is just too robust for the needs of the library, so the process has began to determine an adequate replacement.  One issue we're faced with is the serials module that is currently in use.  The library is responsible for ordering and keeping track of not only library serials orders, but departmental and individual orders for anyone in the company.  We are wondering if instead of using the ILS as a repository for this information if there are any alternatives for managing serials, renewals and orders.  Perhaps there's a standalone software product or process that someone out there might be willing to share?  Our main concern is that we don't want to be "stuck" with this system because we need to keep track of serials orders and renewals.  We are already considering discontinuing serials check-ins and claiming.  Any feedback would be greatly welcomed!

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