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We just did something very similar with our Innovative catalog. We created tabs for both "Articles & Databases" and "Online Journal" in our catalog. We could probably do a better job of making it look more integrated but at least users can easily go back and forth between the various search tools from the catalog.

That said, we are continuing to use Serials Solutions' MARC records service for all of our electronic journals.

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What ILS are you running? This sounds like a great option.

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DePauw University chose some time ago to not load all the e-journal
information into the Catalog and we quit adding JSTOR, Project Muse, ACS,
and other information into our ILS.  What we chose to do instead, is create
a journals tab within our OPAC and home page, that does an SFX search.  The
patron does not realize they are searching a separate system, and everyone
finds everything they need.  We have ran it this way since about 2005 and
it has worked extremely well.  We did load our print holdings into SFX via
an import. So, the users find everything they need.

In addition, new tools like Primo can ingest your link resolver database,
potentially eliminating the need to load all that into your ILS.

- Sherri Parker

On Fri, Mar 5, 2010 at 9:26 AM, Martha Spicuzza <>
  We add full catalog records for all JSTOR titles.  It is another point of
  access for our students and faculty.  JSTOR has become one of our most
  heavily used databases.

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  Do you include JSTOR titles in your library catalog? There is a debate at
  our library regarding this practice. On one side, we own JSTOR titles so
  they should be in the catalog. The other side of the debate is that JSTOR
  titles are accessible through our JSTOR subscription, which functions
  more as a database, so they need not be in the catalog. What has your
  library decided on this issue?

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