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Commercial digest (2 messages) Bob Persing 16 Apr 2010 17:48 UTC


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This week's digest contains 2 messages:
1) Emerald adds Journal of Asia Business Studies
2) ASLIB acquired to run alongside Emerald Group Publishing

Message #1:

Subject: Emerald adds Journal of Asia Business Studies
From: "Janet Fisher" <>
Date: Mon, 12 Apr 2010 11:56:44 -0400

Emerald adds Journal of Asia Business Studies to its portfolio

United Kingdom, April 2010 - Emerald Group Publishing Limited is pleased
to announce the addition of the distinguished University of San
Francisco journal, Journal of Asia Business Studies, to its management
research list. With its prestigious editorial board including prominent
and distinguished scholars and experts from top business schools in the
U.S. and around the world, the publication aims to cover the pressing
issues facing both companies working cross-culturally in Asia and Asian
companies dealing with challenging Western markets.

Emerald's first issue will be Vol. 4:2 (May 2010). The journal can be
purchased as a single subscription or as part of either the Emerald
Management Plus database or the Emerald International Business Subject
Collections. Both databases also include the back archive of previously
published issues.

Professors Roger (Rongxin) Chen and Nicholas S. P. Tay,
co-editors-in-chief from University of San Francisco, commented: "We are
excited about the acquisition. By leveraging Emerald's resources and
capabilities, we are sure that this transition will help to
significantly grow the Journal of Asia Business Studies. This is
especially important as Asian business, and related research, attract
more attention and interests among both business and academic communities."

Emerald's Publishing Director Rebecca Marsh, commented: "We are
delighted that the University of San Francisco School of Business and
Management has approached Emerald to be the new publishers of the
Journal of Asia Business Studies. The strong and very international
editorial team is matched by an equally impressive authorship. Emerald
has a number of titles in the area of international business and Journal
of Asia Business Studies enhances this portfolio greatly through its
focus on Asia. Features such as the Executive Interview supports
Emerald's aim to more closely align research with the world of business.
We very much look forward to working with the University of San
Francisco to build on the success of the journal that has been achieved
so far and to raise its profile in the international research community
even higher."

Journal of Asia Business Studies welcomes papers in all the major
business disciplines including (but not limited to): accounting,
e-commerce entrepreneurship, ethics, finance, international business,
marketing, management and strategy. Content is published in English and
articles are subject to a double-blind peer review process.

For more information on submissions, RSS feeds of contents of future
issues, and to view article abstracts, go to or contact Zoe Sanders, Publisher, at

- ENDS -

About Emerald

Established in 1967, Emerald Group Publishing Inc. is the world's
leading publisher of management research.  In total, Emerald publishes
over 700 titles, comprising 200 journals, over 300 books and more than
200 series and serials as well as an extensive range of online products
and services.  Emerald is COUNTER3-compliant, meeting the international
code of practice for reports that measure usage of online information
products and services consistently.

Emerald's publishing philosophy is "Research you can use", which means
that our content is both rigorous and relevant, connecting the academic
world with the world of management practice.

The Emerald online collection of journals, abstracts and resources,
Emerald Management Plus, serves business schools and management
departments world-wide. For managers in corporate and public
organizations, Emerald Management First provides fast access to applied
research, ideas, insights and interviews from the world's best
management thinkers.


Arnaud Pellé
Corporate Communications Manager
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
Phone: +44 (0) 1274 777700

Message #2:

Subject: ASLIB acquired to run alongside Emerald Group Publishing
From: "Janet Fisher" <>
Date: Wed, 14 Apr 2010 09:28:09 -0400

ASLIB acquired to run alongside Emerald Group Publishing

United Kingdom, April 2010 - ASLIB, The Association for Information
Management, has been acquired by MCB Group, the holding company for
Emerald Group Publishing Limited. Emerald and ASLIB have been working
closely together since 2001, when ASLIB's collection of research
journals, including Journal of Documentation and ASLIB Proceedings, were
acquired by Emerald. The acquisition means that ASLIB's services to
members will continue and grow, and the operating name and identity of
ASLIB will be preserved.

Established in 1924, ASLIB has recently encountered difficult times.
Following the sale of its journals to Emerald, ASLIB sold its book
publishing business to Taylor and Francis in 2002, and went into
voluntary liquidation in 2004, following which it was reconstituted as a
limited liability company providing membership services to library and
information professionals.

Emerald Joint CEO John Peters commented: "Following the acquisition of
the ASLIB journals, we have worked very closely with the organization
over the years, and were sad to see the decline of a highly regarded
institution. This is a real opportunity for us to build a 21st Century
member organization. ASLIB will be run independently, but will draw on
services from Emerald, as well as other publishers. We plan to reinstate
an Advisory Board, and to revamp and improve the ASLIB Managing
Information (MI) magazine."

Future Plans
Peters continued: "These are obviously difficult times for libraries and
information services providers worldwide. We will hold ASLIB and MI
subscription fees at current levels in 2010 and 2011, but will be
looking to offer a raft of new service options for members. Our first
step will be to go to current and former members, and our own LIS
community of editors and advisers for consultation. It's a great
strategic fit for us, and an opportunity to build something of value to
all ASLIB members, and to the LIS/Information and Knowledge Management

ASLIB's registered office will move to Emerald's UK headquarters in
Bingley, West Yorkshire.

ASLIB was originally established as the Association for Special
Libraries and Information Bureaux in London, following the September
1924 conference of that name. Its original ethos, which still applies
today, was to serve "those engaged in the collection, treatment and
dissemination in many departments of human activity". ASLIB was set up
to serve people playing the role of librarian or information
professional, who were not necessarily professional librarians. ASLIB
draws on members from academic, corporate and public sector
organizations, with about 75% of its membership being UK-based. ASLIB
also publishes the Managing Information magazine (distributed to
members) which appears 10 times annually.

About Emerald
Founded in 1967 as an offshoot of the University of Bradford, Emerald
Group Publishing has become the world's leading scholarly publisher of
journals and books in business and management, with a strong and growing
presence in disciplines including LIS, social sciences, engineering,
linguistics and audiology. Emerald's headquarters are in Bingley, West
Yorkshire, with representative offices in the US, Canada, Brazil,
Australia, India, China, Malaysia, Japan, the UAE and Poland. Emerald
employs more than 250 people worldwide, and is an independent private

Arnaud Pellé
Corporate Communications Manager
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
Phone: +44 (0) 1274 777700

Howard House, Wagon Lane
Bingley BD16 1WA
United Kingdom