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Re: Database return on investment Susan Zappen (07 May 2010 16:28 UTC)

Re: Database return on investment Susan Zappen 07 May 2010 16:28 UTC

Hi Marilyn,
I use $20/search or $20/download to determine cost effectiveness. In
reality, most of our products are cost effective at $10 or less. I use
the $20 amount because I used that amount in a print journal usage study
a few years ago. I based the amount on the premise that our efficient
ILL Department could obtain material at a cost of $20 or less per item.
We do not totally rely upon cost effectiveness to identify
cancellations. As you know, some departments on campus are small; some
have only a few majors. We have to continue to support the curriculum
even if that support isn't cost effective.

Susan Zappen
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Subject: [SERIALST] Database return on investment

I'm hoping other continuing resources people can help me answer this
question: What is a good return on investment?  Or what's a "good" cost
per use?

I'm not asking how to get these numbers; rather I'm wondering what these
numbers mean once you have them.  I recognize that there are a dozen
reasons for paying for some databases no matter what the cost per use
is.  And I recognize that cost per use doesn't necessarily mean that a
database was used "well".  I also recognize that "use" can have a
variety of meanings.

But right now, I need to be able to say simply how much certain
databases cost per each use and whether that's a good indicator or a bad
one.  Does anyone have that magic (possibly meaningless!) number?


Marilyn Geller
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