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Re: Shelving organization Hoyte, Daniel 19 May 2010 16:43 UTC

What we did before classifying our serials, is to shelve by the official title of the journal. We made up "dummy" books with a see reference to the official shelving location. The dummies would be shelved where the common name for the journal would have been found.

This system seemed to work very well. (This was when I was at our campus law library.)

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Subject: [SERIALST] Shelving organization

My library is in the process of cleaning up and reevaluating our serials
collection. The collection is stored alphabetically in one location. We
currently have a few journals shelved by their initials (for example, JAMA),
with the rest shelved by full name. My concern is that using both could
potentially be confusing for students.

My question to the forum is about how those of you with alphabetized
collections handle shelving location for journals that are known by their
initials, either officially or unofficially. Do you shelve by initials to
use a more commonly known name, or by official journal title to maintain

I'm relatively new to this position and don't know if there is any common
school of thought.

Thanks for any assistance you can provide!

Beth Shively Wages
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