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Re: magazine in public libraries Pamela Sue Bruner 02 Aug 2010 17:55 UTC

Hi Tracy,

Did you get any response to this?  We are a 15 branch system and we
tried it when it first came out in 2008.  It was a mess, so we
stopped.  January of 2010 we tried again, it was much better, but
there were still a lot of problems with predictions.  I understand
they are doing some upgrading for 2011 so we will try it again in

Good Luck!
Pamela Bruner
Palm Beach County Library System
West Palm Beach, FL

Quoting Tracy Leroy <TLeroy@SNO-ISLE.ORG>:

> We are a 21 branch system, with centralized receiving/processing of
> our magazines.  We use our ILS (currently CARL) to check-in issues.
> Our "processing" entails a label with the branch name (much easier
> to see than trying to read the mailing label), 4" date label,
> covered by a length of clear tape down the spine.  I'm interested in
> what processing other public libraries do.  Also, do any of you use
> EBSCO online check-in/claiming.  We are moving to a new ILS and I'm
> considering using the EBSCO check-in/claim function instead of that
> provided by the ILS.  Are there advantages to doing so?
> Thanks for your input!
> Tracy LeRoy
> Acquisitions Manager
> Sno-Isle Libraries