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Is University of Florida Joining the Gold Rush Without First Mandating Green OA? Stevan Harnad 03 Aug 2010 12:17 UTC

Let me precede this comment by first asking a question (to which I
fervently hope the answer will prove to be Yes rather than No):

GUESTION: Before adoption its University of Florida Open Access
Publishing (UFOAP) Fund Pilot Project in July 2010, did UF adopt the
open access mandate proposed by UF's long-time OA advocate, Tom
Walker, way back in April 2009?

COMMENT: For if not, then UF is making a substantial strategic error,
squandering scarce funds to pay for a little more OA for some of UF's
research output, instead of first providing OA, at no extra cost, to
all of UF's research output.


APRIL 2009: UF Infrastructure Council 15 April 2009 (283 JWRU @ 1-2pm)

Presentation & discussion: Open Access (Dr. Tom Walker)

	Dr. Walker provided a Powerpoint presentation on the value and
benefits of open access. Guests provided additional background on how
the libraries are using, creating and promoting open access. This
presentation is a great start for opening discussions on Open Access
at UF.

	Dr. Walker will be talking to the University Libraries Committee on
Friday (4/17/09). IC is not prepared at this time to write/accept a
resolution but Jane will meet with Rae (ULC) and together they will go
to the Steering Committee to move the discussion of OA forward.

JULY 2010: UF Open Access Publishing Fund; announces supporter
membership in BioMed Central

Beginning July 1, 2010 the University of Florida Open Access
Publishing (UFOAP) Fund Pilot Project will help with processing fees
to publish open access articles. Any UF faculty, post-doctoral
researcher, staff or student author may request up to $3,000 per year
to pay for article-processing fees. Articles must be peer-reviewed.

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Stevan Harnad