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Re: Some Questions and Help about SFX Tunender, Heather 24 Aug 2010 16:41 UTC

You should not deactivate the Automatic Update at the Source level because by selecting "Automatic Update" the portfolios connected to a target service will be automatically updated during the KB update procedure (e.g. new holdings/thresholds, portfolios in the target will be added.) All active database items with local changes are automatically updated or deleted (if the publisher specifies that the portfolio is no longer part of the package, for example.) You MUST to do this or the global settings will not be made to your SFX KB and your KB will grow more and more out-of-date and inaccurate.

When you select Automatic Update, your local changes will NOT be overridden.

Part of regular SFX maintenance should include removing locally created information that is no longer valid because the correct global data has been updated during the SFX KB update.  There is an SFX tool that compares local and global thresholds and removed the local threshold when the two are identical.  We regularly run this tool to keep our SFX KB data "clean".

"Automatic Update + Automatic Activation:  If you want all the portfolios connected to a target service to be automatically updated AND automatically activated during the KB update procedure, select the Automatic Update + Automatic Activation check box."  We set our aggregated full text sources set to auto update and auto activate because our subscription includes access to everything that is part of that target service.  Other target services such as for MetaPress are set to auto update, but not to auto activate because we do not subscribe to everything in that Target.  When there are new MetaPress portfolios, they need to be added to the target service through auto update, but we must review what is new and activate the portfolios manually for the items to which we subscribe.


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If you are entering in local holdings, then at the Source Level for the
Target you need to make sure that you do not have the Automatic Update or
AutoActive selected.  "Automatic update" will override your local holdings
information every month.