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Inform your patrons: ACS Publications introduces new Journal Publishing Agreement Sara Rouhi 04 Oct 2010 18:37 UTC

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ACS Introduces New Publishing Agreement for Journals

As part of ACS¹ ongoing efforts to provide the best possible publishing
experience for its authors, next week ACS will begin rolling out a new
publishing agreement that expands author rights and clarifies author

The Journal Publishing Agreement (JPA)
df) replaces the previous ACS Copyright Status Form, and gives ACS authors a
number of new rights regarding the use of their manuscript; outlines certain
behaviors that are expected of ACS authors; and transfers copyright of
accepted manuscripts to the ACS.

There are several key points of difference between new JPA and the ACS
Copyright Status Form:
* The new agreement specifically addresses what authors can do with the
different versions of their manuscript ­ e.g. use in theses and collections,
teaching and training, conference presentations, sharing with colleagues,
and posting on websites and repositories. The terms under which these uses
can occur are clearly identified to prevent misunderstandings that could
jeopardize final publication of a manuscript.

* The new agreement clarifies that the transfer of copyright in Supporting
Information is nonexclusive. Authors may use or authorize the use of
Supporting Information in which they hold copyright for any purpose and in
any format.

* The new agreement extends key terms of use to an author¹s previously
published work with ACS ­ as long as the same conditions of use are met.
* Behaviors expected of ACS authors are more fully addressed throughout the

The JPA also shines a spotlight on two current ACS programs, ACS
AuthorChoice ( which
provides authors or their funding agencies the opportunity to sponsor
immediate, unrestricted online access to the final published article and ACS
Articles on Request
( which permits
convenient, free distribution of journal article reprints online via
author-directed links that are provided to the author at the galley proof

The JPA is a direct result of the extensive review and consultation process
undertaken by a task force consisting of ACS journal authors, editors,
librarians, governance members, and legal counsel who identified activities
in which today¹s authors typically engage, or would like to engage. The JPA
incorporates the task force¹s recommendations and more clearly communicates
ACS Publications policies regarding the use of submitted, accepted and
published work.

Please visit the Librarian Resource Center for complete information on the
new JPA as well as for tools to assist your patrons:

Please feel free to also email me at with any

Sara Rouhi

Associate Manager, Library Relations | ACS Publications
1155 16th St., NW | Washington | DC 20036
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