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University Library Fiscal Policies for collections and/or License Signatory with the Library Westfall, Micheline 22 Oct 2010 16:23 UTC

We are trying to draft two documents for our University administration
to consider: one for a library fiscal policy to procure collection
resources (under a certain dollar amount); and one for giving the
library signatory provisions for licenses. Until a couple of years ago,
we were able to do both, but the agreement was only an oral agreement
and we are no longer permitted to do either.

If your university has a Library Fiscal Policy or Purchasing Procedures
granting the library to purchase its collection materials, especially
e-resources, would you be able to share a copy of it with me (or the
list) ?

If your library is able to sign licenses/contracts/agreements/renewals
and you have a document granting these permissions, would you be willing
to share it?

Thank you for your help,

Micheline Westfall
Associate Professor
Interim Head, E-Resources & Serials Management
University of Tennessee
Hodges Library
1015 Volunteer Blvd.
Knoxville, TN  37996-1000