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2010 Nobel Prize in Physics Awarded to AIP Journal Authors Andre Geim and Konstantin Novoselov Bruce Shriver 05 Oct 2010 17:29 UTC

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2010 Nobel Prize in Physics Awarded to AIP Journal Authors Andre Geim and
Konstantin Novoselov

Melville, NY, October 6, 2010 -- The American Institute of Physics (AIP)
( would like to congratulate Profs. Andre Geim and Konstantin
Novoselov of the University of Manchester, U.K. on winning the 2010 Nobel Prize
in Physics for their groundbreaking experiments regarding the two-dimensional
material graphene. The announcement came today from the Royal Swedish Academy of
Sciences in Stockholm, Sweden.

Prof. Geim has been a prominent contributor to AIP's journal Applied Physics
Letters ( since 1992 and to Journal Applied Physics
( since 2000. His work has also appeared in AIP's
flagship magazine Physics Today. Prof. Novoselov has been an active contributor
to both these prestigious journals since 2003. Four articles co-authored by
Profs. Geim and Novoselov have been published in APL since 2007, all of which
delve deeply into the properties of graphene and directly impact its fabrication
and utilization in new devices, as well as use in precision metrology.

"The rapid rise of graphene since Profs. Geim and Novoselov's initial work has
been fascinating to follow in the literature, and the full impact of their
discovery will no doubt be seen as the unique properties of graphene are
utilized to their full potential," said Mark Cassar, AIP's Publisher, Journals
and Technical Publications. "I want to thank Profs. Geim and Novoselov, because
it's the content they and other highly regarded physicists provide that keep APL
and JAP as the two most highly cited journals in their field."

Every journal and magazine article that AIP has published by these Nobel
Laureates is currently accessible free of charge at

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