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Register Today for the SSP 2010 Fall Seminar Series! Michelle Norell (13 Oct 2010 13:29 UTC)

Register Today for the SSP 2010 Fall Seminar Series! Michelle Norell 13 Oct 2010 13:29 UTC

Register Today for the Society for Scholarly Publishing Fall 2010
Seminar Series to Receive the Early-bird rates!!

LOCATION: American Geophysical Union, 2000 Florida Ave. NW, Washington, DC

Join your colleagues and a range of industry speakers in
thought-provoking discussions and attend in-depth sessions surrounding
these wide-ranging issues:

SEMINAR 1:  International Market Updates: Middle East and Southeast Asia/Japan.
DATE:           Tuesday, Nov. 9, 2010 (8:00 am to 5:00 pm, includes
networking lunch)

This two-part seminar will discuss the potential benefits of doing
business in export markets, specifically the Middle East and the SE
Asia/Japan regions, and follow up on the successful day on Brazil and
China at the corresponding event in 2009. This seminar will provide a
roadmap to new explorers of export market as well as suggest
strategies and opportunities for publishers already doing business in
these important export markets.

SEMINAR 2:  Partnering to Publish: Innovative Roles for Societies,
Institutions, Presses, and Libraries
DATE:           Wednesday, Nov. 10, 2010 (8:00 am to 5:00 pm, includes
networking lunch)

The Partnering to Publish seminar, jointly sponsored by the Society
for Scholarly Publishing and Association of Research Libraries, will
explore opportunities for information professionals within both
publishing and library units to work together to acquire and certify
content in an editorial phase, develop raw materials into polished
products in a production phase, and disseminate author content so that
it has the greatest impact during a marketing phase.

SEMINAR 3:  Enhancing Content: Incorporating Interactive Features in
Online Content
DATE:           Thursday, Nov. 11, 2010 [Half day seminar, 8:00 am to 12:00 pm]

In this half day seminar, speakers will showcase specific examples of
interactive content and explore new digital features that enhance the
presentation of complex concepts. They will discuss the resources and
costs involved in establishing the infrastructure to support their
efforts, and review the decisions that needed to be made before they
began the projects, including the anticipated value to their
readership. The speakers will then join an expert panel of authors,
publishers, e-publishing vendors, and librarians to discuss how these
enhanced features are use by their respective stakeholders.

SEMINAR 4:  Mobile Apps and eBooks: To Do or Not To Do?
DATE:           Thursday, Nov. 11, 2010 [Half day seminar, 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm]

Mobile Apps and eBooks are two of the most talked about new
technological developments in publishing. But do they have a place
within your publishing structure? And could they help you generate
revenue? Is there more hype than reality? This half-day seminar has
been developed to discuss how some publishers have experimented to get
answers to these important questions and to see how similar solutions
might work for you. The seminar will provide an overview of these new
technologies and what options are available for publishers i providing
real-world mobile Apps and eBook examples specifically for the STM
publishing field.