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Re: ScanPro Luebchow, Elizabeth A CTR USAF AFMC AFRL/RVIL 08 Jun 2011 14:06 UTC

We have both the ScanPro 1000 and ScanPro 2000.  The 2000 works much
better than the 1000 but that is mostly due to software upgrades.  We
recently upgraded the software for the 1000 and it appears to be
behaving much better.  Both have worked fine with us and we did not find
them difficult to learn. We did have a training session with the ScanPro
folks and that helped tremendously.

We mostly use it to scan archive microfilm journal articles for our
customers.  Everyone here appears to like desktop delivery.  We do have
it available to print as it is hooked to a network printer but only use
that on rare occasions.  We only have them available to use by staff as
the learning curve for our customers would be pretty high.

Elizabeth A. Luebchow, MLIS
User Services Librarian
AFRL/Phillips Research Site Technical Library

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We have had ScanPro for several years now and our Gov Docs section
bought one too. It was difficult to learn how to use. We gave tutorials
to all the librarians. It's main advantage is it is the only scanner
that scans opaque microcards. It doesn't print but you can send the
image to email or a scanner. And we have a large collection if
microcards. It's possible we just decided not to hook it to a network

Christina McCawley
West Chester University
West Chester, PA 19383


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Hi serialists,

We are considering purchase of a ScanPro microfilm scanner/reader and
would like to hear feedback from anyone who has experience with them. If
you have experience with similar products, we'd like to know about that,

Please respond to the list, so others can benefit from your knowledge.

Katy G.

Katy Ginanni, Collection Development Librarian

Hunter Library

Western Carolina University

176 Central Drive

Cullowhee, NC 28723

828-227-3729 office

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